SendOwl Dashboard Redesign
A redesign of the main dashboard to help the company improve user experience and win new customers.
dashboard redesign case study
SendOwl is an eCommerce software that helps people sell digital files, subscriptions, memberships and much more. Both the simplicity and attractive pricing of the product helped the company become a leader in this market. I have personally used SendOwl to sell presentation templates since 2015 and I love it.

However, I have noticed a few pain points that lower the quality of my user experience with the product. Those are limited features (such as an inability to see analytics data in comparison to a previous period), obsolete interface design, and lack of a decent mobile version. This case study walks you through the process of fixing those limitations by redesigning one of the most important pages for shop owners – the Dashboard.
Scope of Work
• Create a modern visual style
• Redesign the Dashboard page
• Improve the Navigation menu and Search bar
• Deliver a mobile version
My Role
UX Research
Art Direction
UI Design
The approach: 1) Gather and analyze UX data; 2) Create a prototype; 3) Design web UI;
4) Design mobile UI.
UX Research Methods
Site Audit
Competitors Analysis
User Personas
UX research methods
Key Takeaways
• The Activity Feed doesn't play an important role on the Dashboard page and should be removed

• A comparison feature should be added for the main numbers on the Dashboard page (Ex: Performance of Today's revenue vs. Yesterday's revenue; This month's orders vs. Last month's orders, etc.)

• SquareSpace Commerce Dashboard has the most favorable design layout among competitors. It's presented elegantly; not overloaded with features, yet it still gives all the information the shop owner needs to know.

• The Search Bar should somehow inform the user on what it is capable of: finding customer emails, names, discounts, etc. This will make it more like a smart assistant for the shop owner.

• The main navigation menu can be simplified by merging Reports with Analytics
While working on wireframes I had a major insight regarding the Dashboard redesign—to make separate tabs for Products and Subscriptions. SendOwl allows customers to create both products (one-time purchases) and subscriptions (recurring basis purchases). Then it combines the data for both pricing models on one common chart. This negatively impacts chart readability by diluting the information. Assuming that most people use SendOwl to sell either products or subscriptions; it would be much wiser to have separate charts for each pricing model.
web wireframes dashboard
mobile wireframes dashboard
Creating New Visual Theme
Updating SendOwl branding with a modern visual theme was a vital part of the project. The process began with simplifying the logo and also included picking a new color scheme and font family.
Designing Web UI
The new Dashboard represents a snapshot of key indicators and their performance compared to the previous period of time. Based on my research those indicators are Revenue, Orders, AOV, and Refunds for Products; MRR, New, Active and Canceled for Subscriptions.
main page dashboard UI ecommerce
main page dashboard UI ecommerce
calendar and search functions dashboard UI ecommerce
Designing Mobile UI
Delivering a proper mobile version for new the Dashboard design was one of the project goals. All of the key indicators and features were preserved and placed within a single mobile screen while keeping page layout readable and intuitive.
mobile dashboard UI ecommerce