case study
Automatix Pitch Deck Redesign
As a part of my recent portfolio update, I decided to redesign some presentation from the web in a form of case study. My first task was to find a presentation on SlideShare that I thought I could seriously improve. After browsing for while I stumbled upon pitch deck for Automatix - platform that helps car owners find repair service providers.
Although it looks like Automatix is just a concept, it could and need to be improved in an order to start getting some serious feedback from potential customers as well as investors. Below I break down everything I think is wrong with the presentation in terms of visual and content.
slides 1 and 2
Visual: company logo and other visuals on both slides are strange and not relevant to the business idea. Developing a new logo would require additional funds and time. Therefore, the best idea, for now, is to use a simple word-based logo

can be integrated into one slide - company logo and tagline.
slide 3
Visual: slide design doesn't convey the main message - there's a solid problem on the market. Market size chart takes too much space on the slide and it's not really relevant to slide title. It would be much better to create a separate slide highlighting the size of the Market.

Content: can be better - there's no main message summarizing the essence of the problem.
slide 4
Visual: doesn't help people to understand the solution - the picture is far from relevant.

Content: simplifying main slide message by turning it into a few benefits phrases will work better.
slide 5
Visual: the icons representing flow totally fail in supporting important messages of each step - they all are the same and not relevant. The general visual concept of the slide is also wrong - each step of the flow is displayed in growing hierarchy (which makes no sense as each step of the flow is equally important).
slide 6
Visual: see Content below

Content: the slide is lacking titles and subtitles as well as additional relevant info (trends). The info from the right side of the slide should be linked to some reputable resource in an order to look valid.
slide 7
Visual: see Content below.

Content: theoretically, this kind of the slide is a good idea to include in the pitch deck. But I think founders failed to gather, filter and display info in an easy to understand and relevant manner. Simply put I don't see how slide's data really validate the business idea and therefore would propose to delete it.
slide 8
Visual: the slide is lacking a simple, yet relevant diagram. Also, number "3" is popping too much from the rest of the visual and it's not connected to text "Main Revenue Streams" - which makes no sense and rather distract potential deck reader.

Content: would be a good idea to include some more context for each of revenue source (how much the company is going to charge from all parties involved in business model).
slide 9
Visual: background image is not relevant to the company as well as slide message. Bigger font size should be applied to milestone message, not date.

the content doesn't give readers a full picture of what are company plans in a recent future. They plan to release the app sooner than they would hire development team, which leads to a simple question - who's going to release v.1 of the app?
slide 10
Visual: see Content below

Content: similar to slide 7, the content of this slide doesn't make any sense and therefore I would recommend to eliminate it.
slide 11
Content: "Who we are?' is not relevant and should be eliminated. Highlighting specific role in the startup of each cofounder would be a good idea.
Once I analyze the deck and anchored directions that would sufficiently help me in the redesign process, I started my work. The result - a completely new pitch deck for Automatix with relevant design, to-the-point content and fewer slides.